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Welcome to
The Hearth Room

The school of your dreams is coming to Kansas City.


Our Priorities

While this could be described as a private, Christian, Montessori school, our vision encompasses much more.

Love for God and Others

We desire to share the joy of a relationship with Christ and to guide each child toward a strong faith in Him and a deep knowledge of the Bible.  From this grows a sacrificial love for others and personal peace, even in the storms of life.


We want to offer our kids lots of time exploring outdoors; nature walks are a regular part of the elementary curriculum as we learn about botany.  Children can go in and out to the fenced area at their leisure to enjoy working in the sun, playing in the snow, and observing God's creation.

Practical Life Preparation

In The Hearth Room, children develop the work ethic to be responsible for oneself financially, but they also become able to do their own laundry, cook healthy meals, manage a budget, repair cars, maintain a home, and converse in a second language.  A thorough understanding of history, politics, economics, and science are necessary to develop critical thinkers who can identify truth and step into effective leadership roles.


We believe that a school should facilitate a peaceful and rich family life, not add to the chaos.  We aim to offer on-site coworking space and leased offices, so that parents can work near their children, pop in for lunch, and cut out the commute.
Additionally, our academic approach requires almost no homework at all, so when you get home, you can just be "mom" or "dad," instead of battling about worksheets.


Instead of using test results as a measuring stick of success, we focus on what kind of people we are producing.



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2.5 years - Kindergarten

Grades 1 - 6

Grades 1 - 6
One- and Two-day weekly options



8600 NE Sam Ray Rd.

Kansas City, MO  64156

The school is located on 4 acres of meadow and woods west of Liberty, MO near 152 and Brighton Road in High Point Community Church.

It is within a 20-minute drive of Parkville, Smithville, Gladstone, Liberty, KCI Airport, North Kansas City, and the River Market.